DirectTV & AT&T working with VR

While I have always wondered if there is enough bandwidth to broadcast near a 4K signal with broadcast DTV signal if you used all 3 digital channels, there is no doubt that it can be done on the Sat’s or Cable.

Please note that the following story is really rumor, but not entirely out of the question and does make sense for the new merger between the two CO’s.

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Oculus Buys Hand Gesture Control Co PEBBLES

You had to know it was coming. Hand gesture control that is, and if you can’t make it your self and you are in a hurry, you buy one nearly ready to go.

Oculus Purchased Pebbles, a Israeli company for something in the neighborhood of 60 million (unofficial)

I would not look forward to this until the second generation of headgear.  But it could emerge as early as late next year.

Sphericam 2 Makes Kickstarter Goal – New stretch goals set

After making Goal in 1 Week, New Stretch Goals Set.

$250,000: At a quarter million dollars, every backer at $1,499 and above will be able to choose from one of 12 colors for their camera. New colors being made available include red, blue, orange, pink and yellow.

$360,000: At this funding level, every Sphericam 2 will be made dust-proof and water-resistant (IP67), allowing use in any kind of weather, and allowing even more varied use.

$720,000: Every Sphericam 2 will be upgraded to have a USB type-C data/charging port. This is the latest and the best USB connection. USB type-C has the highest bandwidth and power. This type of USB is better for live streaming and much better for charging the camera while shooting.

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