Discovery Channel’s NEW DiscoveryVR Launches

As you witness history in the launching of VR specific sites, I can’t think of a better type of media than what Discovery presents in this years launch of Virtual Reality to the masses.

Several Shark Expedition Videos have been posted that you can almost ‘feel’ what it’s like to be there in person.

See the 360 VR Omni video for yourself… on Google cardboard or any Mobile device adapter or developers HMD and even with your home PC or phone (in a limited changeable view).

It is sure to be the first of many great things to come.

Bublcam 360 Spherical Camera Hits Retail Market

If you had followed the Kickstarter campaign of the Bublecam OmniSperical Video/Still Camera and missed your chance at the start-up… Your in luck as they are now offering the unique camera to anyont at full retail.

With 14mp stills, it and a 1440 x 1440 pixel spread in viedo at 30 frames per second, it is sure to get you started in omnisperic video capture for your own personal VR experiance or for tube-casting on youtube 360.

Samsung GearVR is coming to new series of ‘ O ‘ Phone’s

I had suspected that Samsumg and Oculus had something up their sleeve for this as there was recently a mystery device that was speed tested as twice as fast as the note 5 when it was also tested. No details were provided or leaked.

But recent comment from John Carmac of suggesting to anyone that was going to buy a smartphone for VR should wait till the Oculus Connect Conference in Sept.

There was also a report from a few that GearVR was not compatible with Note 5 or S6+ after they physically released that somewhere in the world.

Now with this report from the TECTIMES.COM is suggesting that indeed, there is going to be a special ‘O’ series phone.


Mobile VR for everyone is one step nicer with new CPU/GPU

Qualcomm just released some speed performance results with it’s new Snapdragon 820 Octo-Core CPU and the new Adreno 530 GPU.

That means that we will have a pretty good VR experience from those manufacture’s that are not jumping into the VR market specifically. We will just need to see what smartphones include faster GPU chips.

Along with Android M release later this year, this does make good mobile VR affordable to everyone. With 40% more power for both chips, this opens many more VR/AR experiences for Mobile !

snapdragon_adreno530gpu_feature_0More Info From Qualcomm

4K Displays And VR

It looks like 4K displays are going to be the norm for a VR Goggle. That is to say for full standalone HMD’s. But it looks like the mobile phone market is going right up the ally since all phone manufacture’s see VR as a must-do for their devices and that would seperate the can-do’s from the can’t-do’s when it comes to making a small, high pixel density and fast display.

Keep in mind that a full HMD retail is most likely to have 2 of these. One for each eye.

I believe that StarVR is claiming to use 5K displays.

Well, it looks like a new player in 4K display’s has emerged.

EverDisplay Optronics (EDO) is a player in that space. This is important even for mobile devices like Cardboard or many like it such as the SVR-Glass.

EverDisplay4kMore info on PRNewsWire