4K Displays And VR

It looks like 4K displays are going to be the norm for a VR Goggle. That is to say for full standalone HMD’s. But it looks like the mobile phone market is going right up the ally since all phone manufacture’s see VR as a must-do for their devices and that would seperate the can-do’s from the can’t-do’s when it comes to making a small, high pixel density and fast display.

Keep in mind that a full HMD retail is most likely to have 2 of these. One for each eye.

I believe that StarVR is claiming to use 5K displays.

Well, it looks like a new player in 4K display’s has emerged.

EverDisplay Optronics (EDO) is a player in that space. This is important even for mobile devices like Cardboard or many like it such as the SVR-Glass.

EverDisplay4kMore info on PRNewsWire