AuraVisor – Untethered VR Goggle Hits KickStarter

The AuraVisor may be the first VR Goggle Promising a Untethered VR Experience, It boasts having a self contained computer running the Android OS for $300 IF FUNDED.

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At the time of writing, they were over 28k of a 153k goal with a November 25 target date. About 1/6 of the way there with a month to go !

With 100 degree field of view and dual 1080P display’s it is competitive with the big boys!

It should be said that this device should be able to do anything a GearVR should do but the resolution and field of view may differ.

A untethered experience is something desired for increased possibility’s for tracking positionally without the need for wires connecting you to a computer. Bringing you one step closer to the VR’s Holodeck experience Something the big boys Oculus and HTC/Vive & Sony want but have yet to deliver.

Surely they will carve out a place in the market with the price alone because the big boys toys are going to cost more than previously stated.

Magic Leap Goes into Production ! Says CEO

Magic Leap’s CEO has said in a interview with the WSJD Live that they are moving now from Research and Development to Production.

Including a move into a former Motorola Production facility.

And he states that the device, yet to be named, is NOT something you would be to geeky to be seen in.

Magic Leap’s tech is special in this way… it does not use display screens but a retina projector, directly to your eyeball. And that it is now said to be a self contained computer in itself and/or it’s own operating system.

While all of this is still very forward statements by the company, trying to distill any argument about things we don’t like about VR tech, they still have yet to show a product and release some specifications.

We probably will see developer editions first so that actual content can be created. It is likely that it will be a pretty high priced venture that will stop those that are just early adopters from soaking-up what is available from a limited production facility.