Cinematic VR gets boost – NextVR and sports

The one thing that is sure to please and excite any sports fan is to be able to get very close to stepping inside the game.

There is no better way to do that than with cinematic VR streamed to your home.

NFL, NHL, NBA & NASCAR will all be much more exciting to watch than the standard 2D flat traditional view. Of course, it all depends on how well it is done. It does present it’s own set of problems to watch with comfort and ease.

From the number of cameras and angles to  not moving those cameras while shooting to production and delivery of a large digital format.

NextVR has been getting a good bit of support from Cable Company’s Comcast and Time Warner for the future of Sports viewing.

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ASUS Working on AR Glasses for 2016

Asus confirmed the rumors that it is working on it’s very own Augmented Reality Glasses for release in 2016.

AR, not to be confused with VR, puts computer animation on top of the real world view. Even though it is commonly all called VR, there is a difference.

That would probably put them a step ahead of Microsoft who’s HoloLens will only be released to developers early next year/2016 at a steep $3000 USD.

It seems clear that they are licensing some technology from Microsoft for production.



New York Times Delivers Over 1 Million Google Cardboard Viewers And 360 VR Media

If you are a subscriber to the NY Times, You should have your free Google Cardboard Viewer by now.  Being a bit of a partnership with YouTube who also appears to be taking a long-term and fast development approach to be the point of entry for the technology.

This is a pretty costly investment for the NYT and shows a pretty good commitment to VR as a medium for delivering content to subscribers. As most would say that have tried it…

“To even have a remote chance of understanding it, You have to TRY IT !” and that is what the NYT is doing. Introducing VR to it’s subscribers.

If buying one of the soon to be released VR Goggle offerings from Oculus/Facebook, Valve/HTC, Sony, StarVR and many other less expensive Mobile adapters for your cellphone becomes appealing, the users will have their media as a IMAX experiance.

nyt-vrThe images just don’t look the same or represent what they are like in VR !

nytvrNYT Android VR App Coming Soon To iOS