Whole Body Haptics – The TeslaSuit from Tesla Studios

A surprising device appeared on KickStarter. A whole body haptic suit and from none other than Elon Musk’s development folks.

(you know the SpaceX and Tesla car guy).

While it does look a bit expensive, I’m sure there are just enough developers to back this and make it a successfully funded campaign.

The fact that there is this much R&D into haptics before a official retail release of a Head Mounted Display says a lot about the state of the industry. It makes the whole thing seem that we will see very good products by the 3rd gen of products in less than 6 years. When there is more computing power in consumer hands.

Take a look at the KickStarter Yourself.


CES 2016 and Live Video Feeds

The ‘BREAK-OUT’ of VR HMD’s and other VR devices is sure to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics show Jan 6-9 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada.

I am expecting many pre-show news releases as this tech turns to the consumer.

Here are some feeds for watching live video from the show…

(added as we get them)

Pre-Show Press Conferences

LG Tue Jan 5 @ 10:45 am est?  VIA CNET

Sony Tue Jan 5 @ 5pm pst / 2pm est http://www.ustream.tv/sony


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3D Printing, Auto & Drones Promo’s

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