Microsoft Holoportation with HoloLens

We all know the what is Science Fiction today somehow becomes the tech of tomorrow. So the geek seek for the HoloDeck is the holy grail for VR.

Microsoft brings us one step closer to that with what they call Holoportation. Play the video for a demo. Visit their site for more.


I am somehow reminded of the Star Wars R2D2 playing a hologram of the Princess asking OB1 for help.

Optoma Wireless VR & OSVR

OptomaVRWireless VR is just what the doctor ordered.

Using a proprietary 60 Ghz data signal along with 2.4 ghz for head tracking, this unit provides the freedom needed for a positive VR experiance.

Since it is OSVR (open source VR) compatible it adds some credentials to a standard beginning to form for VR. While many HMD’s will have specs outreaching others, there are compatibility issues yet to be realized and a OSVR standard will probably be a minimum far reaching standard for VR itself.

More details on release are due out this fall 2016.

PanoPorter 360 HD VR Camera

A start-up has posted on KickStarter a new 360 camera for the consumer. Unlike the bulky and highly priced Pro 360 Cams, This one is designed for the consumer. But a 1080P image spread across 360 degrees is not a lot to brag about but better than any consumer offer for the money thus far.

KickStarter backing price of $109 will get you one of these cuteys.

  • Panoramic 360 Degree Pictures and Videos
  • Zoom: 4x Digital
  • Motion Detection
  • One Click Screenshot
  • Focal length: 1.1 mm
  • Sensitive Area: 0.85 m
  • Video Format: MPEG
  • Frame Rate: 5-30
  • Network: WIFI 802.11b/g/n
  • Supports up to 64G SD card
  • Resolution: 1080p (1920*1080) @30fps
  • Video Encoding: MPEG/H.264
  • Frame rate:5~30
  • Apeture:F2.0

See the kickstarter page



Microsoft HoloLens Release Date

Microsoft has announced a release date for the anticipated HoloLens Augmented Reality/ Holographic Headset.

hololensTo  be released to developers on March 30 2016 and at a hefty price of $3,000 usd.

No word yet on a consumer release but it is a effort to get the device out for developers to “make stuff” utilizing the device that we all might enjoy.

It is expected that enterprise business will be the first in line along with the engineering sector.