Facebook behind new Open Source 360 VR Camera


Even being Open Source, don’t expect it to be cheap. 18 hi-res cams and a metal body and other electronics say it’s so.

The Surround 360

But as aftermarket makers begin to supply parts for the design, it will become much cheaper to build. The hardware design and software are to be released by Aug 2016.

GoPro Shows it’s OMNI 6 VR Camera


GoPro has yet to state a price on this but it is expected to be much lower than a their Odyssey 16 cam unit @ $15k

Consisting of 6 Hero 4 cameras and a integration/stitching unit, it is not a “3D” VR 360 camera like the Odyssey.

It remains to be seen if GoPro has what it takes to make a single 360 cam that can be used as a sports-cam like it’s Hero series cameras. But at this pricing, who would take one on a downhill ski run. Samsung Gear 360 seems a bit more realistic for that.

This tech is surely going to change who the technology leaders are. One device at a time.