Google adds VR-180 Format Standard to YouTube

Producing a VR 360 degree video presents problems by itself.

It’s number one issue is how any average person can make that video and not present themselves in the video without looking a bit stupid as you pay attention to what is being captured.

Number two would be the enormous size of a 360 3D spherical video being harder to edit and harder to stream.

So, as this VR video gets started, it benefits the entire industry that they have created a standard for a hemi-spherical or 180 video format.

Outside of the benefits just mentioned, the extra benefit is the lower cost of the hardware for such a cam. For it really eliminates the need for a larger faster processor and additional firmware to stitch multiple images together since we are really talking about a wide-angle 3D camera.

Now that the standard has been created for YouTube, more hardware manufacture’s will come on board. Below is one that has been out there that started from a KickStarter campaign,

The LucidCam…

Others have either announced they are going to enter the market or have had products ready for the release including ‘YI’