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Google adds VR-180 Format Standard to YouTube

Producing a VR 360 degree video presents problems by itself.

It’s number one issue is how any average person can make that video and not present themselves in the video without looking a bit stupid as you pay attention to what is being captured.

Number two would be the enormous size of a 360 3D spherical video being harder to edit and harder to stream.

So, as this VR video gets started, it benefits the entire industry that they have created a standard for a hemi-spherical or 180 video format.

Outside of the benefits just mentioned, the extra benefit is the lower cost of the hardware for such a cam. For it really eliminates the need for a larger faster processor and additional firmware to stitch multiple images together since we are really talking about a wide-angle 3D camera.

Now that the standard has been created for YouTube, more hardware manufacture’s will come on board. Below is one that has been out there that started from a KickStarter campaign,

The LucidCam…

Others have either announced they are going to enter the market or have had products ready for the release including ‘YI’

Meet a affordable Hi-Res 3D VR 360 Cam VUZE

Expecting to ship March 7, 2017 with a Retail price to ring in at $800 usd, it is sure to make VR Production of content by more people possible.

Not a device that lacks quality since it uses 8 Full High Definition cameras whose output is stitched together to be optimized in any VR format and HMD/VR Goggle.

This camera, and others that will certainly follow, will help break ground in the production of more content by more people. Something we may be in shortage of without them.

I await the creative juices of the new VR Producer !

Altia’s New USB Plug-N-Play 4K VR 360 Camera PANACAST-2

While this is not a 3D VR Cam, it certainly goes a long way in filling a gap is VR WebCams.

With a 4K resolution and 360 degree Panoramic (not panospheric) capture and a price that will set you back $995 US.

It is the opinion of this writer that this is a bit high price to pay for a VR Cam that is neither 3D nor Panospheric but fits a niche for a live streaming 4K VR “Webcam”.

altia-panocastMore info from their website.

VUZE – First 4K 3D 360 VR Camera under $800

VUZE 3D 360 Camera Started shipping May 12, 2016

with a $799 us price tag, it is the biggest bang for the buck we have seen this far in the early market for VR /360 cams.

Nothing is mentioned in the specs if this 4K is 2x 2k (3d) or each eye is getting the 4K resolution.


Why is that important ?

The actual field of view of that in a VR HMD is less than 1/3 of the full resolution so you’re watching the equivalent of a 1200P image at 4Kand if that is 2x 2K per eye than it is half of that / at 600P.

(you only see a smaller segment of the whole video)

Still great, but not a prosumer grade camera if what I suspect is true. That’s still a hard number to stream on the internet at this point for most consumers.


Facebook behind new Open Source 360 VR Camera


Even being Open Source, don’t expect it to be cheap. 18 hi-res cams and a metal body and other electronics say it’s so.

The Surround 360

But as aftermarket makers begin to supply parts for the design, it will become much cheaper to build. The hardware design and software are to be released by Aug 2016.

GoPro Shows it’s OMNI 6 VR Camera


GoPro has yet to state a price on this but it is expected to be much lower than a their Odyssey 16 cam unit @ $15k

Consisting of 6 Hero 4 cameras and a integration/stitching unit, it is not a “3D” VR 360 camera like the Odyssey.

It remains to be seen if GoPro has what it takes to make a single 360 cam that can be used as a sports-cam like it’s Hero series cameras. But at this pricing, who would take one on a downhill ski run. Samsung Gear 360 seems a bit more realistic for that.

This tech is surely going to change who the technology leaders are. One device at a time.

PanoPorter 360 HD VR Camera

A start-up has posted on KickStarter a new 360 camera for the consumer. Unlike the bulky and highly priced Pro 360 Cams, This one is designed for the consumer. But a 1080P image spread across 360 degrees is not a lot to brag about but better than any consumer offer for the money thus far.

KickStarter backing price of $109 will get you one of these cuteys.

  • Panoramic 360 Degree Pictures and Videos
  • Zoom: 4x Digital
  • Motion Detection
  • One Click Screenshot
  • Focal length: 1.1 mm
  • Sensitive Area: 0.85 m
  • Video Format: MPEG
  • Frame Rate: 5-30
  • Network: WIFI 802.11b/g/n
  • Supports up to 64G SD card
  • Resolution: 1080p (1920*1080) @30fps
  • Video Encoding: MPEG/H.264
  • Frame rate:5~30
  • Apeture:F2.0

See the kickstarter page



Samsung Gear360 – 1st Great VR Cam For The Masses

Samsung-Gear-360-2016There have been other VR Cams released to date but none of them of high quality for 360 live video like this.

Reveled at Samsung’s ‘Unpacked’ event that was also broadcast live stream in 360 video if you had the GearVR to watch it.

Gear 360 is splash-proof and dust resistant and is smaller than a baseball. The device is also equipped with dual fish-eye lenses, each with high resolution image sensors, capable of capturing 3840 x 1920, 360-degree video, or 30 megapixel still images.

Users can also choose to shoot 180-degree wide angle video and images with only using one side of the camera lens

It yet remains to be seen for the pricing or release date for this but it a leap for the industry that is about to get started in just a few months with 2 major HMD’s to hit the consumer market along with the Samsung S7 & Edge working with Samsung GearVR.

Samsung is also working on a more professional grade camera code-named project beyond.