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Google adds VR-180 Format Standard to YouTube

Producing a VR 360 degree video presents problems by itself.

It’s number one issue is how any average person can make that video and not present themselves in the video without looking a bit stupid as you pay attention to what is being captured.

Number two would be the enormous size of a 360 3D spherical video being harder to edit and harder to stream.

So, as this VR video gets started, it benefits the entire industry that they have created a standard for a hemi-spherical or 180 video format.

Outside of the benefits just mentioned, the extra benefit is the lower cost of the hardware for such a cam. For it really eliminates the need for a larger faster processor and additional firmware to stitch multiple images together since we are really talking about a wide-angle 3D camera.

Now that the standard has been created for YouTube, more hardware manufacture’s will come on board. Below is one that has been out there that started from a KickStarter campaign,

The LucidCam…

Others have either announced they are going to enter the market or have had products ready for the release including ‘YI’

Assassins Creed in VR

From Hot Game To Hollywood VR Hit

CNET reports that Matt Lewis, the “Assassin’s Creed” VR project director aims to lift the bar for VR in general and break some rules as well. “360 video experiences should be just as powerful and rich as an actual film,” he explained. “We’re in the Pong era of VR right now,” he added.

According to Digital Trends, “Assassin’s Creed” is scheduled to release on Dec. 21 and it is part of Lewis’ VR experience project. It is based on the famous gaming franchise where Oscar-nominee Michael Fassbender stars in the movie as a felon sent off to the genetic memories of his ancestor in the course of the Spanish Inquisition.

Getty Photo Stock to include VR / 360 Photos


Many of us have used stock photos from the photo stock houses but now you have a choice of using 360 / VR Photos in a move by Getty and in some partnerships with Google and FaceBook’s Oculus and others.

The new entity is called Getty Images Virtual Reality Group.

With 12,000 images in the storeroom, The first real good taste of these will be the 2016 Olympics in Rio where all the camera crew’s will have a 360 camera.

The start of many COOL things to come !

Microsoft Holoportation with HoloLens

We all know the what is Science Fiction today somehow becomes the tech of tomorrow. So the geek seek for the HoloDeck is the holy grail for VR.

Microsoft brings us one step closer to that with what they call Holoportation. Play the video for a demo. Visit their site for more.


I am somehow reminded of the Star Wars R2D2 playing a hologram of the Princess asking OB1 for help.

NetFlix VR Edition

For VR to come to the masses, it has to have a valuable use.

Watching regular and 3D movies is simply a blast in a VR HMD.

But 360 VR content is coming. We just don’t know who is going to produce and deliver it.

But NetFlix is working to be a producer and distributor of Cinematic VR Content. Here is a look at their VR Media Platform.

It could be said that Cinematic VR Content was inevitable for NetFlix and Amazon Prime. Since there are no methods as of yet to get this delivered via TV broadcast or Cable.

Not that Cable Co’s are not going to try something. Just a rather expensive venture for them to deploy. But the Cable Co’s do own most of the existing 2D content in the world.

So if you have any experience of VR production under your belt, the future is so bright, you need to wear a HMD.

Cinematic VR Moves Full Steam Ahead !

Well, It’s the First Scripted VR Series.


The story-line: For generations, the dynastic Ashland family has passed on a gene that gives them an extraordinary ability, which has enabled them to accumulate vast amounts of power and wealth. As the modern generation faces diminished abilities and more scrutiny than ever before, the birth of an exceptional new child draws public interest and their family secret teeters on the brink of becoming exposed.

To premiere on the Samsung Milk VR platform, followed by Jaunt’s VR apps and companion content on CNE’s The Scene.

No word on exact release date but this fall/winter looks promising.

Cinematic VR gets boost – NextVR and sports

The one thing that is sure to please and excite any sports fan is to be able to get very close to stepping inside the game.

There is no better way to do that than with cinematic VR streamed to your home.

NFL, NHL, NBA & NASCAR will all be much more exciting to watch than the standard 2D flat traditional view. Of course, it all depends on how well it is done. It does present it’s own set of problems to watch with comfort and ease.

From the number of cameras and angles to  not moving those cameras while shooting to production and delivery of a large digital format.

NextVR has been getting a good bit of support from Cable Company’s Comcast and Time Warner for the future of Sports viewing.

Read more at “sport techie”:

New York Times Delivers Over 1 Million Google Cardboard Viewers And 360 VR Media

If you are a subscriber to the NY Times, You should have your free Google Cardboard Viewer by now.  Being a bit of a partnership with YouTube who also appears to be taking a long-term and fast development approach to be the point of entry for the technology.

This is a pretty costly investment for the NYT and shows a pretty good commitment to VR as a medium for delivering content to subscribers. As most would say that have tried it…

“To even have a remote chance of understanding it, You have to TRY IT !” and that is what the NYT is doing. Introducing VR to it’s subscribers.

If buying one of the soon to be released VR Goggle offerings from Oculus/Facebook, Valve/HTC, Sony, StarVR and many other less expensive Mobile adapters for your cellphone becomes appealing, the users will have their media as a IMAX experiance.

nyt-vrThe images just don’t look the same or represent what they are like in VR !

nytvrNYT Android VR App Coming Soon To iOS