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Assassins Creed in VR

From Hot Game To Hollywood VR Hit

CNET reports that Matt Lewis, the “Assassin’s Creed” VR project director aims to lift the bar for VR in general and break some rules as well. “360 video experiences should be just as powerful and rich as an actual film,” he explained. “We’re in the Pong era of VR right now,” he added.

According to Digital Trends, “Assassin’s Creed” is scheduled to release on Dec. 21 and it is part of Lewis’ VR experience project. It is based on the famous gaming franchise where Oscar-nominee Michael Fassbender stars in the movie as a felon sent off to the genetic memories of his ancestor in the course of the Spanish Inquisition.

Christmas 2016 is set to kick-off Virtual Reality and here is some of what you can expect.

50% of the marketing season is about to start and with many tech company’s wanting to get their product out in time for Christmas for a more successful launch. It can be quite interesting what we will see.

But here are some highlights of what to expect.


AndroidVR and Google Daydream Platform

Expected to be announced Oct 4, along with a new mobile phone the ‘Pixel’ to support VR and possibly Augmented reality, it is a shape changing event for Google and I expect many other of Google’s platforms to have something to give to the new VR & AR space. A new VR supportive version of Chrome and Chromecast will also most likely be in the mix. A expansion of YouTube360 ?

Oculus Touch Controller

To be released Oct 5 and while this has been long anticipated, it does not appear on the surface to be anything other than a handheld game controller. But it is the first one designed for full flavor VR in mind and its potential uses have yet to be imagined. That will be settled by developers.

It is very likely we will see further announcements of VR support for OculusVR in the social arena with FaceBook as this is started up and everyone is clamoring to be the center of attention at that start with things to do with your new VR stuff.

Cinema 4D kicks off a tour starting Oct 6th in Denver.

PlaystationVR and PS4Pro

Oct 13th is the date Sony is expected to release it’s long awaited VR HMD and updated console along with over 50 titles of game play in the library.

FoveVR and the EyeTracking Goggle

Expected to be revealed for pre-order on Nov 2 and perhaps we will get a early peek at those final specs.

Honorable Mentions…

While StarVR is not set for a retail release, it is going to be deployed in iMax theaters and possibly VR Arcades while we shop in the malls for x-mas. I believe much of this is a test run for next year.

AOC is launching a “Rift Like” HMD before Christmas but no exact date has been mentioned yet.

Apple could put something under the tree since the iPhone7 was designed and coded for AR in IOS-10. But we know Apple is a secrete as it can be till the last moments, so, it’s just speculation on my part. April is a more likely time.

Plenty of other hardware and software should be released supporting the OSVR platform over the next 6 months.

We should see yet one more large influx of new hardware and software in the late winter/spring of 2017.

In a years time It’s more than likely we might see second generation Rift and Vive.

Getty Photo Stock to include VR / 360 Photos


Many of us have used stock photos from the photo stock houses but now you have a choice of using 360 / VR Photos in a move by Getty and in some partnerships with Google and FaceBook’s Oculus and others.

The new entity is called Getty Images Virtual Reality Group.

With 12,000 images in the storeroom, The first real good taste of these will be the 2016 Olympics in Rio where all the camera crew’s will have a 360 camera.

The start of many COOL things to come !

CES 2016 and Live Video Feeds

The ‘BREAK-OUT’ of VR HMD’s and other VR devices is sure to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics show Jan 6-9 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada.

I am expecting many pre-show news releases as this tech turns to the consumer.

Here are some feeds for watching live video from the show…

(added as we get them)

Pre-Show Press Conferences

LG Tue Jan 5 @ 10:45 am est?  VIA CNET

Sony Tue Jan 5 @ 5pm pst / 2pm est


Robotics, Gaming and VR Promo’s

3D Printing, Auto & Drones Promo’s

More computer promo’s from the show !

Health & Fitness promo’s

Wireless Promo’s

Smart Home & Green Promo’s