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PacMan In VR

You had to know it was coming.

Yes the arcade sensation never dies and about to be remade for the ages in Virtual Reality.

pacmanvrAa startup company named WHITE is working with Bandai Namco

to bring the classic arcade game that started it all to the company’s low cost Milbox Touch which is set to go on sale in April of this year.


Design-wise, the Milbox Touch is like Google’s Cardboard in that it’s a really cheap, partly DIY virtual reality headset powered by placing your smartphone in the device as a monitor.

No word yet if this is a exclusive to WHITE but it would be hard to imagine that you could keep this from the broader market for more than a year of exclusive rights.

Hand Tracking Haptic Input Coming Soon

LeapMotion was maybe the first outstanding real world use input devices for hand tracking to the VR world.

Although they have publicly stated that they will ship their hand tracking sensor with some major HMD manufacture in  2016, the claim is very short on details.

Having a easy to use input device or service inside of the VR world has been a problem for the industry, few deny that hand tracking is probably the easiest way to make use of more complex navigation and tool-sets in VR.

So the latest simple demo released by LeapMotion shows just how easy this all can be. Turning hand gestures into actions makes this much easier than trying to fumble with a keyboard, mouse or game controller while wearing a HMD.

This clearly is a game changer for mobile VR where carrying a bunch of bulky equipment is not desirable when portable.

Samsung Intro’s S7 with FREE GearVR

Samsung is introducing it’s latest flagship phone on Feb 21, 2016 in pre-order.

This latest smart phone has lower power consumption and much faster and most of all, has been designed fully for use as a VR mobile phone.

Samsung has stated that with all pre-orders that begin Feb 23 to March 10, 2016, all will be getting a FREE GearVR

Official announcements to follow on Feb 21 media event.


Something in the back of my mind tells me we will soon see a revision to the GearVR.


New York Times Delivers Over 1 Million Google Cardboard Viewers And 360 VR Media

If you are a subscriber to the NY Times, You should have your free Google Cardboard Viewer by now.  Being a bit of a partnership with YouTube who also appears to be taking a long-term and fast development approach to be the point of entry for the technology.

This is a pretty costly investment for the NYT and shows a pretty good commitment to VR as a medium for delivering content to subscribers. As most would say that have tried it…

“To even have a remote chance of understanding it, You have to TRY IT !” and that is what the NYT is doing. Introducing VR to it’s subscribers.

If buying one of the soon to be released VR Goggle offerings from Oculus/Facebook, Valve/HTC, Sony, StarVR and many other less expensive Mobile adapters for your cellphone becomes appealing, the users will have their media as a IMAX experiance.

nyt-vrThe images just don’t look the same or represent what they are like in VR !

nytvrNYT Android VR App Coming Soon To iOS

AuraVisor – Untethered VR Goggle Hits KickStarter

The AuraVisor may be the first VR Goggle Promising a Untethered VR Experience, It boasts having a self contained computer running the Android OS for $300 IF FUNDED.

Get all the details on

At the time of writing, they were over 28k of a 153k goal with a November 25 target date. About 1/6 of the way there with a month to go !

With 100 degree field of view and dual 1080P display’s it is competitive with the big boys!

It should be said that this device should be able to do anything a GearVR should do but the resolution and field of view may differ.

A untethered experience is something desired for increased possibility’s for tracking positionally without the need for wires connecting you to a computer. Bringing you one step closer to the VR’s Holodeck experience Something the big boys Oculus and HTC/Vive & Sony want but have yet to deliver.

Surely they will carve out a place in the market with the price alone because the big boys toys are going to cost more than previously stated.

Oculus & Samsung Gear-Up for NetFlix and Hulu with New GearVR

It has been known that a VR head mounted display is a excellent device for watching 2D and 3D movies where as the entire outside world and it’s distractions disappear while in use. But nobody knew exactly what shape or form that was going to take in the real world.

Now we have a glimpse at how that is taking shape.

As announced at Oculus Developer Conference 2 in Sept.

Samsung, in it’s partnership with Oculus with it’s creation of GearVR Innovator Edition (beta) for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 is ready for it’s consumer version of the mobile adapter for two of it’s flagship phones retailing for just $99 U.S.

Along with that, a deal with streaming movie providers NetFlix, Vimeo, Twitch and Hulu to stream it’s content to the Oculus Platform and be shared by the GearVR platform.

This same delivery system could be used in the future to stream immersive 360 video content once there is enough of it out there for consumers to choose from. But 3D movies are going to be back in demand once again since we have a delivery system and plenty of 3D content that has been created over the last decade by movie houses that did not give up on the concept.

It would be interesting to note that for Samsung, that is not all she wrote on VR just yet. They have bench tested 2 new phones that are blowing benchmarks to outer space with the so-called “O” series phones that very well could be the closest you will get to a desktop VR experience. They are rumored to be released in the spring of 2016.

It remains to be seen if that will be challenged by any other smartphone maker but it is hard to not think those at HTC and APPLE don’t have something up their sleeve. Apple probably has a head start with AppleTV that would give the likely mobile VR device a library of streaming media just to get started with.


Could it be the beginning of the end for cable?

Most cable operators do provide the internet that this is streamed on. They did have a opportunity to provide 3D content and chose not to some 8 years ago. Since they spent their money buying other cable operators instead of tech, they will be limited to having the broadest internet pipe. They will be challenged with streaming VR, 4k and 8k video in the near future.

Samsung GearVR is coming to new series of ‘ O ‘ Phone’s

I had suspected that Samsumg and Oculus had something up their sleeve for this as there was recently a mystery device that was speed tested as twice as fast as the note 5 when it was also tested. No details were provided or leaked.

But recent comment from John Carmac of suggesting to anyone that was going to buy a smartphone for VR should wait till the Oculus Connect Conference in Sept.

There was also a report from a few that GearVR was not compatible with Note 5 or S6+ after they physically released that somewhere in the world.

Now with this report from the TECTIMES.COM is suggesting that indeed, there is going to be a special ‘O’ series phone.


Mobile VR for everyone is one step nicer with new CPU/GPU

Qualcomm just released some speed performance results with it’s new Snapdragon 820 Octo-Core CPU and the new Adreno 530 GPU.

That means that we will have a pretty good VR experience from those manufacture’s that are not jumping into the VR market specifically. We will just need to see what smartphones include faster GPU chips.

Along with Android M release later this year, this does make good mobile VR affordable to everyone. With 40% more power for both chips, this opens many more VR/AR experiences for Mobile !

snapdragon_adreno530gpu_feature_0More Info From Qualcomm

4K Displays And VR

It looks like 4K displays are going to be the norm for a VR Goggle. That is to say for full standalone HMD’s. But it looks like the mobile phone market is going right up the ally since all phone manufacture’s see VR as a must-do for their devices and that would seperate the can-do’s from the can’t-do’s when it comes to making a small, high pixel density and fast display.

Keep in mind that a full HMD retail is most likely to have 2 of these. One for each eye.

I believe that StarVR is claiming to use 5K displays.

Well, it looks like a new player in 4K display’s has emerged.

EverDisplay Optronics (EDO) is a player in that space. This is important even for mobile devices like Cardboard or many like it such as the SVR-Glass.

EverDisplay4kMore info on PRNewsWire