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How to explain VR to those that have not tried VR !

Well those that have tried VR know it is very hard to convince anyone with words as we know,  and watching someone in VR looks a bit dorky, and viewing a video of what they see does not provide the immersion that makes VR what it is.

but Steam made a video that an help !

PacMan In VR

You had to know it was coming.

Yes the arcade sensation never dies and about to be remade for the ages in Virtual Reality.

pacmanvrAa startup company named WHITE is working with Bandai Namco

to bring the classic arcade game that started it all to the company’s low cost Milbox Touch which is set to go on sale in April of this year.


Design-wise, the Milbox Touch is like Google’s Cardboard in that it’s a really cheap, partly DIY virtual reality headset powered by placing your smartphone in the device as a monitor.

No word yet if this is a exclusive to WHITE but it would be hard to imagine that you could keep this from the broader market for more than a year of exclusive rights.