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The Haptics are Coming ! Sony obtains new patent

One of the largest expansions of the VR market in add-ons will be Haptic input from a multitude of devices.

Well, Sony is one step closer with a Haptic Glove

Patents 14/517733, 14/517741, and 14/503275

sony_glove_patent_vrIt might be wise to note that Sony has made many patents on a VR HMD and not to put to much into and one patent listing when trying to guess the final product if it ever is produced. It does show that they are doing R&D in this sector. They are not alone.

It’s going to be hard to beat LeapMotion style virtually wireless hand tracking camera system.

Hand Tracking Haptic Input Coming Soon

Hand Tracking Haptic Input Coming Soon

LeapMotion was maybe the first outstanding real world use input devices for hand tracking to the VR world.

Although they have publicly stated that they will ship their hand tracking sensor with some major HMD manufacture in  2016, the claim is very short on details.

Having a easy to use input device or service inside of the VR world has been a problem for the industry, few deny that hand tracking is probably the easiest way to make use of more complex navigation and tool-sets in VR.

So the latest simple demo released by LeapMotion shows just how easy this all can be. Turning hand gestures into actions makes this much easier than trying to fumble with a keyboard, mouse or game controller while wearing a HMD.

This clearly is a game changer for mobile VR where carrying a bunch of bulky equipment is not desirable when portable.

Whole Body Haptics – The TeslaSuit from Tesla Studios

A surprising device appeared on KickStarter. A whole body haptic suit and from none other than Elon Musk’s development folks.

(you know the SpaceX and Tesla car guy).

While it does look a bit expensive, I’m sure there are just enough developers to back this and make it a successfully funded campaign.

The fact that there is this much R&D into haptics before a official retail release of a Head Mounted Display says a lot about the state of the industry. It makes the whole thing seem that we will see very good products by the 3rd gen of products in less than 6 years. When there is more computing power in consumer hands.

Take a look at the KickStarter Yourself.

Oculus Buys Hand Gesture Control Co PEBBLES

You had to know it was coming. Hand gesture control that is, and if you can’t make it your self and you are in a hurry, you buy one nearly ready to go.

Oculus Purchased Pebbles, a Israeli company for something in the neighborhood of 60 million (unofficial)

I would not look forward to this until the second generation of headgear.  But it could emerge as early as late next year.