Yes you can 

Do It Yourself Virtual Reality !

Please review all the material here before choosing a method.

The best, Simplest method is to buy a kit. No Better kit than the OSVR (open source virtual reality) For about $300 and some assembly required, it will surpass the Oculus DK2.

DIY VR Goggle

Google had published the “CARDBOARD” design and I had saved the drawing file as all the cheap and free cardboard kits dried up.

So here it is for your pleasure…

cardboard_design_v1.0 (zip)

With the .EPS file in the ZIP file, You can cut this with a plotter/cutter. If you have a plotter, draw it and cut manually.

Print Cardboard Yourself ! (PDF)

CARDBOARD v2.0 Specs (zip) –  wwgc_manufacturers_kit_v2.0

3D Print your own… Poculus     –

Microsoft Creates 3D Printable Lens holder for a high quality lens replacement for the Oculus Rift

–  HMDLens (zip)

Coca-Cola turned coke-packs into google-cardboard like vr-viewers.

DIY VR 360 Camera

DIY 360 Degree Omnidirectional Conical Camera

And always someone willing to give some away in a promotion…


 While I know of nobody who has tried this to see what strings if any there are, here is a Free VR Goggle to try ! seems to be owed by