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Microsoft Enters The VR Race – Breaks Price Barriers

Surprise ! Is just what it was with the announcement in late October from Microsoft that they will be entering the VR Race with a affordable VR HMD that not only includes

“Eye Tracking”, but 6 Degrees of freedom with “Inside Out” tracking. Allowing you to have a virtual operating space without outside complicated setup hardware. Simple room mapping will be done with cameras.

While this is rumored to be VR/AR mixed reality device, it has not been stated by Microsoft in any clear way to support that thus far.

Partnering with other manufacture’s, there seems to be plans for a whole string of hardware starting in the spring of 2017.

All of it seems to center on Windows 10 Update coming soon. Working within Windows Holographic Technology.

It would be interesting to know if the new device is set to work with the New XBOX. And since the timing is right, I would think so.

But at a retail price target of just $299, it is sure to have the hearts and minds of many who have been priced out of the VR market since this may only require a graphics upgrade to your existing computer.

ASUS Working on AR Glasses for 2016

Asus confirmed the rumors that it is working on it’s very own Augmented Reality Glasses for release in 2016.

AR, not to be confused with VR, puts computer animation on top of the real world view. Even though it is commonly all called VR, there is a difference.

That would probably put them a step ahead of Microsoft who’s HoloLens will only be released to developers early next year/2016 at a steep $3000 USD.

It seems clear that they are licensing some technology from Microsoft for production.