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Samsung Note 7 and New GearVR

Samsung has showed us they are in the VR game for keeps !

The new Galaxy Note 7 (they are skipping the note 6 from note 5) is the next generation of their flagship phone sporting intentional VR capabilities and not just a cardboard like conversion.

But with it’s release comes a revision of GearVR that features a wider field of view (FOV) and will now fit many models of their phones and likely the future Galaxy S8.

The phone itself has no real bragging features except for the new scanner that they seem to have beat Apple to the punch in delivering to a phone. But enhancements to the camera system are always in order each phone release.

Much of this was somewhat expected as we await the new breed of CPU and GPU capabilities in processors that will be in the marketplace next year for mobile phones.


So we await the Super VR quality capabilities from those, that may rival console game systems next year depending on the system RAM and Floating Point capabilities (FLOPS). Enjoy the new wider field of view of the latest Gear VR of 101 degrees over the old 96 degrees.

Samsung Gear360 – 1st Great VR Cam For The Masses

Samsung-Gear-360-2016There have been other VR Cams released to date but none of them of high quality for 360 live video like this.

Reveled at Samsung’s ‘Unpacked’ event that was also broadcast live stream in 360 video if you had the GearVR to watch it.

Gear 360 is splash-proof and dust resistant and is smaller than a baseball. The device is also equipped with dual fish-eye lenses, each with high resolution image sensors, capable of capturing 3840 x 1920, 360-degree video, or 30 megapixel still images.

Users can also choose to shoot 180-degree wide angle video and images with only using one side of the camera lens

It yet remains to be seen for the pricing or release date for this but it a leap for the industry that is about to get started in just a few months with 2 major HMD’s to hit the consumer market along with the Samsung S7 & Edge working with Samsung GearVR.

Samsung is also working on a more professional grade camera code-named project beyond.