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VR-AR Glasses or Goggles ?

Glasses or Goggles ?

There is as much confusion, if not more, in the terminology of glasses or goggles as there is with VR,AR,MR,XR and I have been wondering just when that will get itself straight.

Glasses really do not block your natural vision and do not offer a high level of immersion currently and it’s not that they can’t do that, it’s just a cost factor. Most Glasses are more than twice the price of the best VR goggles and still have the ambient light problem.
It’s one of the reasons it will mostly be a Enterprise device where the cost/performance ratio includes a increase in productivity whereas there is a payback on the investment. And we don’t have the need for full immersive graphics in most cases with them. Translucent imagery is almost desired in use cases like engineering.

But the new Windows Mixed reality products thus far are not glasses.
You might perhaps get away with calling them e-glasses…. LOL
Hololens would be considered a glasses device.Even though they double the field of view, they still have a ambient light issue. Perhaps that will be better on the consumer release, but it will still be present. Not a issue for Enterprise to a large extent.

So now you have a fix for the ambient light problem with immersive AR graphics… the mixed reality goggle.
Because the ‘real’ part of augmented reality is brought to you via a camera to a VR screen inside of a goggle.

But be it known that glasses are a open eye design. Goggles are a closed eye design.
Goggles are the quick cheap fix for a ambient light problem with AR.
Perhaps at a latter date ar-goggle’s will improve enough to allow you to drive a car with them or at least safely walk down the street.

Magic Leap Goes into Production ! Says CEO

Magic Leap’s CEO has said in a interview with the WSJD Live that they are moving now from Research and Development to Production.

Including a move into a former Motorola Production facility.

And he states that the device, yet to be named, is NOT something you would be to geeky to be seen in.

Magic Leap’s tech is special in this way… it does not use display screens but a retina projector, directly to your eyeball. And that it is now said to be a self contained computer in itself and/or it’s own operating system.

While all of this is still very forward statements by the company, trying to distill any argument about things we don’t like about VR tech, they still have yet to show a product and release some specifications.

We probably will see developer editions first so that actual content can be created. It is likely that it will be a pretty high priced venture that will stop those that are just early adopters from soaking-up what is available from a limited production facility.