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NetFlix VR Edition

For VR to come to the masses, it has to have a valuable use.

Watching regular and 3D movies is simply a blast in a VR HMD.

But 360 VR content is coming. We just don’t know who is going to produce and deliver it.

But NetFlix is working to be a producer and distributor of Cinematic VR Content. Here is a look at their VR Media Platform.

It could be said that Cinematic VR Content was inevitable for NetFlix and Amazon Prime. Since there are no methods as of yet to get this delivered via TV broadcast or Cable.

Not that Cable Co’s are not going to try something. Just a rather expensive venture for them to deploy. But the Cable Co’s do own most of the existing 2D content in the world.

So if you have any experience of VR production under your belt, the future is so bright, you need to wear a HMD.