VUZE – First 4K 3D 360 VR Camera under $800

VUZE 3D 360 Camera Started shipping May 12, 2016

with a $799 us price tag, it is the biggest bang for the buck we have seen this far in the early market for VR /360 cams.

Nothing is mentioned in the specs if this 4K is 2x 2k (3d) or each eye is getting the 4K resolution.


Why is that important ?

The actual field of view of that in a VR HMD is less than 1/3 of the full resolution so you’re watching the equivalent of a 1200P image at 4Kand if that is 2x 2K per eye than it is half of that / at 600P.

(you only see a smaller segment of the whole video)

Still great, but not a prosumer grade camera if what I suspect is true. That’s still a hard number to stream on the internet at this point for most consumers.


Google I/O and Chrome VR – Android VR – the rumor mill is churning.

Yes the rumor mill has been kicking it out pretty good for Google and VR but it is a NO-BRAINIER to say that they will announce something new for the Mobile VR market and some sort of a ecosystem to tie that in to their existing VR/360 ventures.

Including a update to Chrome for faster rendering in VR @ 90fps.

But expect the plans to be laid out for consumers at the Google I/O conference that runs May 18, 19, 20th 2016.

Most anything they will want you to know in the next 6-8 months will be released then.

Look for something new for VR in the form of a ChromeBookVR.

I have to say that Googles approach from the bottom up is likely to gain the best traction in the longer term depending on how many other players join them. But they have the muscle to make a very powerful ecosystem and gives them many advantages.

Watch it live.