VUZE – First 4K 3D 360 VR Camera under $800

VUZE 3D 360 Camera Started shipping May 12, 2016

with a $799 us price tag, it is the biggest bang for the buck we have seen this far in the early market for VR /360 cams.

Nothing is mentioned in the specs if this 4K is 2x 2k (3d) or each eye is getting the 4K resolution.


Why is that important ?

The actual field of view of that in a VR HMD is less than 1/3 of the full resolution so you’re watching the equivalent of a 1200P image at 4Kand if that is 2x 2K per eye than it is half of that / at 600P.

(you only see a smaller segment of the whole video)

Still great, but not a prosumer grade camera if what I suspect is true. That’s still a hard number to stream on the internet at this point for most consumers.